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05.07.06 - School's Up!!
Help!! Lols
School's up again here in Aussie!!
can't post dat often now!! ARRGGHH!!
so busy...
Now i have to do all this geography
Science assignment
but i have a confession to make
I dunno if I hate/like school?!!!
lols.. you could say I love it
But I also hate it!!
o.O @_@
now I have to remember what my L.O.T.E teacher always says: {{YOU ARE YEAR SEVEN NOT SEVEN YEARS OLD!!}}
grrr!! he always says that!! makes me want ear surgery!!
lols.. aiyah.. maybe i'll even say that in a sleep!!
or make a song about it? lol jkz..
Oh goodness I got so many emails.. anywaiiz gotta read it all
then have an early nap anywaiiz bb!!

27.06.06 - Tiresom .. Is tht even a word?

Oh tiresom.. lols is that a word?
watched like more than 2 hours of soccer yesterday
but I slept at the last bit! omg!!
I didn't get to see who won :'(
what luck lols
maybe i'm really not the soccer type..
more of the internet-freak type kekekes.. ^^
ahhh!! frustrating to get sleep!!
gota go!!
BYE!! ^^
lil_snowpea: 3:35pm

26.06.06 - Online All Day..

No woner people say that its so boring on holidays
I think so too
but.. I feel so alone...
online all day
listening to cpop
just made a new bluebear layout that I'm using right now.. lols
I wonder why I'm doing my blog up so late..
it's 6:29 pm
and I'm supposed to be eating dinner right now
so tired of the boring days
my birthday is very far away
I really want my own domain for Emerging Illusions for my birthday pressie
hmms.. wonder if this wish can come true!! ^^ hehes..
anywaiiz.. gtg now.. goodbye and gudnite! ^^

lil_snowpea: 6:29pm