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About Layout

This layout was made in Adobe Photoshop 7, and coded in notepad. It is compatible with all browsers. (i think) It's also suitable for resolutions 800x600 and up, it also supports PHP. This layout is best used for small graphic sites, blogs, fanlistings, and such.

I thought I just felt like making layouts, so I mad this one! I hope you like this one, it's the best so far, and only for a limited time before it expires!! ^^ Have a nice time and enjoy this layout!! ^^
~Emerging Illusions

I hope you guys like this layout, enjoy and if you have any questions on it feel free to contact Emerging Illusions:



How to Use Layout

First of all, it's suggested that you have some knowledge in html.

[x] Copy the following code above and RUB OUT THE CONTAINED TEXT
[x] Put your own text on the main area.
[x] Upload all the files in the folder onto your own server.
[x] Edit the index.html page ONLY. All you have to do is retype your contents over mine.


[x] Please don't steal our code for your own layout.
[x] Please leave the credits and copyright as they are, or else you'd be stealing and claim our stuff as your own.


Anything can be inserted into these boxes, like codes, information, etc. Copy the following code in the box below and paste it on your server if you want to use this layout.