Hello, this layout is a layout i made with a bluebear picture!! ^^ I really like this layout because its the first time i used blue bear, the cutest, most adorable creature!! ^^ awww.. I hope you like this layout I made with Adobe Photoshop and coded it with notepad.. I will also be using it for my blog so you can use it too.. just remember to contact me at 3merging.Illusions.net@gmail.com.. If you need any help simply ask me and please not: DO NOT TAG THE TAGBOARD.. AND I MEAN DO NOT!! lols.. anywayz.. remember to give credit if you are taking anything else with it as well.. that is all goodbye..




Only change the index page
Do not claim layout as yours
DO NOT change the credits or edit the picture
Always notify me if you are using this layout


That is all I can say right now.. copy the code below to get the code for this layout:

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