Mum: Well.. you have to stay there until you find a better job..

情情- fine..

情情 digs into her breakfast without expression because she didn’t want to eat and rushed out of the door to catch a bus as her mum chases after her..

Mum-情情! Where are you going?!! I’m driving you to work!

情情- Mother.. I’m not a baby..

情情 gets onto the bus and waves good bye as she takes out her ipod to listen to.. Everyone was looking at情情, the ipod did not suit her wearing a suit at all.. suddenly someone comes onto the bus and sits next to her..

情情 looks at the side window..

The guy looks at her with an annoyed face and asks her- Um.. sorry.. can you please turn your music down a little bit..

情情- Sorry.. Huh?—What ?

The guy takes off her earphones..

情情- Hey.. that was a little rude..

Guy- well.. I was talking to you.. I said.. can you turn the music down a little bit please?

情情- No!! since you’re so rude.. why should I listen to you?!

情情 puts back on her headphones and the guy moves to another seat..

A bunch of people went on the bus and talks to the guy that moved..

情情- Cha!! What’s so good about that DUDE? He’s so rude!

*~情情 overhears the conversation~*

Person 1- So hows the business going in the Mart Shopping Center? 明哥?

Guy- It’s fine.. you?

情情- Omg!! They work in my shopping center?! Aiya!! ``

The bus stopped as情情 went off her seat and walked to the entrance.. the bus stuttered with a clang and情情 fell forwards..

情情- Ahh!

Luckily, a guy catched her.. but when they turned around to see their faces.. the guy let go and情情 fell…

情情- Ouch!!

It was the guy that情情 said was rude..

Guy//情情- YOU?!

Guy- Why are you stopping at this shopping center..

情情- I work here!!

Guy- So.. what position.. messenger ? (chuckles)

情情- I am a typist/sales..

The guy straightens up- I am the Manager..


情情 walks off to the lift with the “DUDE” as so thought..

The floors raised up up and up on the lift display screen..

The number changed to 13 and the lift doors opened..

情情 waited for the DUDE to go out first

Guy- Ladies First.. haha..

情情 flicked her hair in front of his face and walked off angrily..

As情情 slams her suitcase onto the office table, her mother walks into the room 情情 was working in..

Mum- What on earth happened to you?

情情- I just met a dickhead who works here!!

Mum- who?

情情- 阿明哥 or something like that!! Hmph!!


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